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FWISD Advises Employees of Email Phishing Scam

Do you know that someone in another part of the world could be watching what you are doing on your computer right now?

Unfortunately, the Fort Worth ISD has been slammed by a recent increase of e-mail phishing scams. This means you could unknowingly be providing important information to scammers hoping to benefit while you are just doing your normal work.

Some phishing scams look very authentic. That’s why you are the first and best line of defense when protecting your computer and your personal data from phishing scams.

As a result of this most recent attack, every employee in the Central Administration Building will be prompted to change their log-on password.

Information on password requirements and steps on how to change your password may be found at

Watch the E-mail and Messaging Safety video from SafeSchools to learn how to employ safe e- mail and messaging practices to avoid and help prevent cyber threats and attempts at fraud and identity theft.

Consider the following before opening an e-mail link or e-mail attachment:

  • The District, the Division of Technology, FWISD Help Desk, or an “Email Administrator/Email Admin” will not send e-mails with links asking to you to validate your account; nor send e-mails notifying you of the need for more mailbox space or your mailbox is full. Do not click on links in these types of emails.

  • Communication from the Division of Technology will come through the Principals’ Packet, your Technology Learning Coach, Campus Technology Liaison, the Footprints ticket system, or the FWISD Communications Department.

  • Ask yourself:

o Does this message seem normal? Is there anything out of place or unusual? o Is it requesting an immediate response that includes District or personal

o Is this message in the normal style and tone I expect to see from this sender? o Does this message include links to websites that look suspicious or are out of

character for the sender?
o Are there unexpected or unusual attachments?

Being a good digital citizen requires us to be more vigilant in our daily use of e-mail. Working together, we can ensure a safe and secure digital environment. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 817-814-HELP (4357).


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