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Join District Advisory Committee to Help Guide FWISD

Fort Worth ISD staff nominations to the District Advisory Committee (DAC) in Places 1-12 are being accepted through Friday, April 19.

The DAC is a 21-member group that meets four to six times a year to advise the superintendent and Board of Education of educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs.  Other matters brought to the DAC include the District budget, calendar, professional development plans and new education programs and initiatives.

The committee includes representatives from the District’s professional staff, parents with children enrolled in the FWISD, business and community partners. Terms on the committee are two years.

Nominations and self-nominations are being accepted here through 5 p.m. Friday, April 19 for FWISD personnel. Staffers may only recommend their peers to the committee. District employees will vote for DAC members, in their peer groups, April 22- May 3, 2019.

Elementary and secondary teachers and principals and non-instructional staff such as librarians, nurses, counselors, instructional specialists or central administration personnel are eligible to serve on the DAC. The committee includes eight classroom teachers, one at-large non-instructional employee and three campus administrators voted onto the committee by District staff. The remaining 11 committee members are appointed by FWISD school board trustees.     

For more details, contact Dr. Amanda Coleman, director of Board policy, governance and strategic support/elections officer in the Policy and Planning Department at 817-814-1956 or email


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