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NIAAA Taps Langston As Its President-Elect

Dr. Lisa Langston, Fort Worth ISD Director of Athletics, will become the next National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association president.

Just a few days shy of the winter break, the NIAAA selected and announced Dr. Langston its president-elect at its 50th annual National Athletic Directors Conference in Maryland. Dr. Langston will start her one-year term as president this December and preside over the association’s 2021 annual conference in Denver, Colorado.

“I’m humbled by it,” Dr. Langston said. “It’s quite the honor that my colleagues believe in my leadership and the ability to have a vision for our over 12,000-plus organization.”

According to the association’s mission statement: “The NIAAA preserves, enhances and promotes education-based athletics through the professional development of interscholastic athletic administrators.”

As president-elect, Dr. Langston is responsible for preparing a synopsis of section meetings at the national conference to be presented at annual meetings, prepare section meeting agendas for conference, spring and summer gatherings, chairing a subcommittee developing board goals and handling duties in the absence of the president. Dr. Langston has served on the NIAAA board for two years, most recently serving as an at-large board member.

For 25 years, Dr. Langston has served as an athletic administrator and she’s been with the District nearly 30 years, serving the first five years as a head girls basketball coach and physical education/ health teacher before becoming an administrator. Last July, she was presented with NIAAA’s State Award of Merit, recognizing her meritorious dedication to High School and Middle School Athletics.

In 2018, Dr. Langston served on the University Interscholastic League Ad Hoc Committee on Reclassification and Realignment. Also, in the same year, she partnered with the InSide Out Initiative to establish the District’s Coaches Academy which brought together more than 300 coaches for two-days of professional development sessions focused on how coaches and athletic coordinators impact student-athletes. The academy has become an annual event.

Letters of recommendation written by state and local athletic leaders for Dr. Langston’s candidacy as president-elect described her as admirable, qualified “knowledgeable … and respected.”

Dr. Langston said that while being selected president-elect is a personal honor, the recognition models the message she shares with athletic coordinators and coaches in the Fort Worth ISD – don’t limit yourself. If she can do it, so can other FWISD athletic coaches and coordinators, she said.

“I’m not in this position without the District. It starts with the leadership here believing in my leadership,” Dr. Langston said. “Part of being in leadership is influencing and inspiring others.”


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