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Fort Worth ISD Announces Campus Teacher Of The Year Honorees

Fort Worth, TexasFort Worth ISD will recognize 135 Campus Teachers of the Year at a special after-school reception April 2, 2020, hosted by Central Market and other community partners.

The highlight of the reception will be the announcement of the 10 finalists for the elementary and secondary District Teacher of the Year Awards, who will advance to the next level of the award selection process.

Community businesses and organizations have partnered with Fort Worth ISD since 1985 to recognize outstanding classroom teachers in our District. One teacher from each school is elected by fellow teachers for the honor of 2019-2020 Campus Teacher of the Year.

Campus Teachers of the Year are eligible to apply for the District Teacher of the Year award in elementary or secondary categories. Each of the two District award winners receives an honorarium of $5,000 from Central Market.  Each of the eight other finalists also receives an award of $1,500 from Central Market.

The Campus Teacher of the Year Reception will be held from 5:30 – 7 p.m. in the Piano Pavilion of the Kimbell Art Museum.

All Campus Teacher of the Year winners are eligible for and encouraged to apply for District Teacher of the Year.  Applications can be found here.

Nominees must:

  • Have taught for a minimum of 5 years
  • Have taught in the FWISD for a minimum of 3 years
  • Be a full time, certified, highly qualified classroom teacher.
  • Be exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled
  • Inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn
  • Have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues
  • Play an active and useful role in the community, as well as in the school

This year’s Campus Teachers of the Year are:


Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center                                        Correy Sharkey

Alice D. Contreras ES                                                                      Catharine Burrola

A.M. Pate ES                                                                                     Crystal Davis

Amon Carter-Riverside HS                                                            Alfonso Serrano

Applied Learning Academy                                                            Mary Jackson

Arlington Heights HS                                                                      Andrew Paolo

Atwood McDonald ES                                                                     Danielle Whetstone

Benbrook ES                                                                                     Erin Gray

Benbrook Middle-High School                                                     Saskia Borjas

Bill J. Elliott ES                                                                                Gary Smith

Bonnie Brae ES                                                                                Yuria Baker

Boulevard Heights                                                                           Cynthia Johnson

Bruce Shulkey ES                                                                            Lisa Wagoner

Burton Hill ES                                                                                  Patricia Lambis 

Carroll Peak ES                                                                                Stacey Peaton

Carter Park ES                                                                                  Amy Craft

C.C. Moss ES                                                                                    Maria Le

Cesar Chavez ES                                                                              Mireya Cadena

Charles E. Nash ES                                                                          Rachel Lewis

Clifford Davis ES                                                                             Jimmy Fagan

Como Montessori                                                                            Dolores Rayas

  1. McRae ES                                                                                     Tammy Luna

Daggett ES                                                                                        Leslie Miller-Garcia

Daggett Montessori                                                                         Jennifer Whitman

Daggett MS                                                                                       Amber Young

David K. Sellars ES                                                                          Traci Duncan

De Zavala ES                                                                                     Brooke Darby

Diamond Hill ES                                                                              Nancy Garcia

Diamond Hill-Jarvis HS                                                                 Erica Jackson

Dolores Huerta ES                                                                           Prageres Sanchez

Dunbar HS                                                                                        Matthew Spruhan

East Handley ES                                                                              Betty Francis

Eastern Hills ES                                                                               Janise Penson

Eastern Hills HS                                                                              Derek Smilowski

Edward J. Briscoe ES                                                                      Elizabeth Salcedo

George C. Clarke ES                                                                        Daphne Sapp

Glen Park ES                                                                                    Courtney Butler

Glencrest 6Th Grade                                                                        Marianne Clark

Greenbriar ES                                                                                   Arasele Apodaca

Handley MS                                                                                      Peggy Jackson

Harlean Beal ES                                                                               Tangie Tatum

Hazel Harvey Peace ES                                                                   Kiba Thompson

Hubbard Heights ES                                                                       Mindy Selby

H.V. Helbing ES                                                                               Vanessa Soriano

I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA                                    Ebony Johnson

International Newcomer Academy                                               Kimberly Fabela

  1. P. Elder MS                                                                                   Magdalyn Carroll  
  2. T. Stevens ES                                                                                Caroline Scott

Jacquet MS                                                                                       Christopher Mitchell

Jean McClung MS                                                                           Deaundra Williams-Busby

JJAEP                                                                                                Vicki Delgado

Jo Kelly School                                                                                 Martha Johnson

Kirkpatrick ES                                                                                  Loruhama Martinez

Kirkpatrick MS                                                                                 Madeline Guillen

Leadership Academy at Como Elementary                                 Thomas Mayfield

Leadership Academy at Forest Oak Middle                                LaTasha Tezeno

Leadership Academy at John T. White Elementary                  Jamie Glass

Leadership Academy at M. I. Logan Elementary                       Kimberly Rushton

Leadership Academy at Mitchell Boulevard Elementary         Debra Ford

Leonard MS                                                                                      Dr. Rascheel S. Hastings

Lily B. Clayton ES                                                                            Krysta Kick  

Lowery Road ES                                                                               Tonya Johnson

Luella Merrett ES                                                                            Andrea Sandoval

M.G. Ellis Primary                                                                           Melinda Salinas

M.H.  Moore ES                                                                               Felicia Duran

M.L. Phillips ES                                                                               Ada Rojas

M.M. Walton ES                                                                              Kimberly Robertson

Manuel Jara ES                                                                                David Orona

Marine Creek Collegiate                                                                 Santiago Rodarte

McLean 6Th Grade                                                                           Chris Culpepper

McLean MS                                                                                       William Landy

Meacham MS                                                                                   Christopher Cumberland

Meadowbrook ES                                                                            Meradith Reese

Meadowbrook MS                                                                           Matthew Bradford

Metro Opportunity HS                                                                    Joe Massey

Middle Level Learning Center                                                      Shamon Washington

Morningside ES                                                                               Robert Urrutia

Morningside MS                                                                              Brittany Madkins

Natha Howell ES                                                                              Isamar Reyna

North Hi Mount ES                                                                         Lauren Witherspoon

North Side HS                                                                                  Amy Hehs

O.D. Wyatt HS                                                                                  Dana Crocker

Oakhurst ES                                                                                     Peggy Turner

Oaklawn ES                                                                                      Kriste Wolfe

Paschal HS                                                                                        Bryan Wright

Polytechnic HS                                                                                 Vicky Robertson

Richard J. Wilson ES                                                                      William Copeland

Ridglea Hills ES                                                                               Monique Gillaspy

Riverside Applied Learning Center                                              Winafred Womble

Riverside MS                                                                                    Lisa Giddings

Rosemont 6th Grade                                                                       Corina Grimaldo

Rosemont ES                                                                                    Jane Fontaine

Rosemont MS                                                                                   Sheila Sharp

Rufino Mendoza ES                                                                        Benjamin Perez

S.S. Dillow ES                                                                                   La Chandra Eribo

Sagamore Hill ES                                                                             Ashley Morgan

Sam Rosen ES                                                                                  Carminia Moreno

Seminary Hills Park ES                                                                  Taylor Barham

South Hi Mount ES                                                                         Cathy Rogers

South Hills ES                                                                                  Courtney Calixto-Cervantes

South Hills HS                                                                                 Tracy Gillespie

Southwest HS                                                                                   Mark Benoit

Springdale ES                                                                                   Jessica Savage

Stripling MS                                                                                      Susan Walker

Success HS                                                                                        Channing Bellizeare

Sunrise-McMillan ES                                                                      Mary Mosley

T.A. Sims ES                                                                                     Abel Ojeda

Tanglewood ES                                                                                Alicia Johnson-Mata

Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences                                      Kathy Elliott

TCC South/FWISD Collegiate HS                                                 William Horton

Transition Center                                                                            Latasha Hill

Trimble Tech HS                                                                              Cheryl Penland

Van Zandt-Guinn ES                                                                       James Shelton

Versia L. Williams ES                                                                     Veronica Bautista

W.J. Turner ES                                                                                 Helen Gaines  

W.M. Green ES                                                                                Benetria Jackson

Washington Heights ES                                                                 Kay Rosenfield

Waverly Park ES                                                                              Jacklyn Davenport           

Wedgwood 6Th Grade                                                                     Demetric Shaw

Wedgwood MS                                                                                 Melissa Parish

West Handley ES                                                                             Brenda Ayala

Westcliff ES                                                                                      Dianna Bermea

Westcreek ES                                                                                   Claudia Villeda

Western Hills ES                                                                             Jennifer Sanchez

Western Hills HS                                                                             Rachel Fobes

Western Hills Primary                                                                    Rosa Segura-Elizondo

Westpark ES                                                                                     Jennifer McMillan

William James MS                                                                          Patricia Marchesseau

William Monnig MS                                                                        Dena Franco

Woodway ES                                                                                    Shaina Clayton

World Languages Institute                                                            Jenny Duke

Worth Heights ES                                                                            Suzanne Coulam

Young Men's Leadership Academy                                              Jareem Williams

Young Women's Leadership Academy                                        Roslyn Woodard




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