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Fort Worth ISD Prepares Teachers and Students to Go Back to School - Online

Fort Worth ISD is getting back to school – online.

The week of March 30th is an orientation week, a time for students, their families, and teachers to make every effort to transition to Learning at Home, the online, teacher-guided learning experience that begins in April. 

Amid ongoing school closures to curb the coronavirus, the District, for the first time ever, is putting curricula online and training all teachers to instruct virtually.

“The equitable delivery of high quality, online instruction to our 84,000 students is a massive undertaking,” said FWISD Superintendent Kent P. Scribner. “And, doing it in such a short time requires intense planning and accepting the reality that it’s a transition that still has to be done in phases.”

In the first phase, immediately after spring break, the District not only mobilized to make sure students continued to get meals they would normally receive at school, but also arranged online engagement activities and other resources for students and their families.

After that, FWISD provided students with two weeks of lesson plans tied to learning objectives. Now, in the second week of those lesson plans, the District is directing teachers to set up their online learning environments. At the same time, the District continues to make sure students get the internet access and devices they need to learn at home. 

The District has also asked teachers to:

  • Connect back with students
  • Set their office hours (especially secondary teachers), when they will be available to parents to talk about their child’s work
  • And, send out at least one assignment to their students this week of March 30.

Fort Worth ISD has steered teachers to the District’s Learning at Home website for creating their online classrooms. The site includes links to multiple webinars and videos using Edgenuity, It’s learning, Google Classroom, and other resources that support virtual teaching and learning. For teachers who missed a flex day opportunity in March, FWISD will count as flex hours the learning from these videos.

Parents and students should expect to hear from their teachers this week. And, before the week’s end, FWISD will update families on where the District is in getting all systems in place to begin online learning in April.

More information will also follow on resources for families, including a Parent-at-a-Glance feature on the Learning at Home website. This is where families will be able to see the learning objectives set for their child.  The District has already listed contact information for all elementary and secondary principals on the website, encouraging parents who need to get in touch with their campus to email their principal.

Fort Worth ISD is committed to open channels of communication in order to learn of problems as they pop up and be able to find solutions quicker.



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