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FWISD Freshman Success Initiative On Track to Help Students Thrive

Hear from Freshman Success Teams throughout the District in this video.  

Fort Worth ISD (FWISD) student success in high school is tied to freshman year, and an intentional effort is underway to ensure ninth graders have the resources for thriving in their first year. In its first year, the FWISD Freshman Success Initiative is making an impact.

Under the direction of FWISD Chief Academic Officer Dr. Marcey Sorensen, the initiative offers quality instruction support to District educators and freshmen rooted in relevant data and research.

Each FWISD high school has Freshman Success Coaches who monitor and manage 9th grader data and identify when additional support is needed. Coaches help teachers interpret the data and identify solutions for improving instruction, supporting students in class and the community, increasing parent engagement and involvement, and collaborating with other adults on campus to create a college and career-readiness culture.

A recent report indicates a 10% decrease in the number of FWISD students failing core courses as a result of the District’s Freshman Success Initiative.

“We’re making sure that our freshmen are successful by the end of freshman year, knowing the correlation between freshman success and college, career and military readiness, and post-secondary success,” Dr. Sorensen said.

Watch the video here!