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As the Fort Worth ISD continues to celebrate all graduates of the Class of 2023, the District is especially proud of those seniors who have attained the honors of valedictorian and salutatorian.

“Vals and sals” are those students with the highest and second-highest class rank respectively. To be eligible for such recognition, the student must:

  • Have completed the foundation program with the distinguished level of achievement; and
  • Have completed 19 credits before the first day of the school year in which graduation requirements are completed; and
  • Have continuously enrolled in the same District high school for the two school years immediately preceding graduation.

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The Fort Worth ISD valedictorians and salutatorians for the Class of 2023 are:

Arlington Heights High School       
Valedictorian        Sima Galaganov
Salutatorian           Lauren Lampert           

Benbrook Middle-High School          
Valedictorian        Julianna I. Moses
Salutatorian           Hyemin "Joy" Kim           

Carter-Riverside High School
Valedictorian        Jordan Ramirez
Salutatorian           Leslie Solorzano    

Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School   
Valedictorian        Ricardo Gonzalez
Salutatorian           Perla Liset Sarinana           

P.L. Dunbar High School           
Valedictorian        Daniela M. Baeza
Salutatorian           Deaunte Thomas           

Eastern Hills High School         
Valedictorian        Chiomo Ozokwo
Salutatorian           Juan Fraire

I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM & VPA
Valedictorian        Ian C. Balderas
Salutatorian           Anika G. Junker

Marine Creek Collegiate High School       
Valedictorian        Nancy Rivas Franco
Salutatorian           Christopher Zamora          

North Side High School  
Valedictorian        Marco A. Sanchez
Salutatorian           Ingrid E. Hernandez Loera           

O.D. Wyatt High School  
Valedictorian        Mario Martinez
Salutatorian           David Garcia            

Paschal High School          
Valedictorian        Maitri Kovuru
Salutatorian           Madison A. Matejka           

Polytechnic High School
Valedictorian        Esteban Hernandez Anguiano
Salutatorian           Henyi A. Larin Coreas          

South Hills High School  
Valedictorian        Leonardo Molina
Salutatorian           Angekes Carbajal          

Southwest High School
Valedictorian        Dung "David" H. Duong
Salutatorian           Nang M. Sang

Success High School       
1st Honor Graduate       Soonmyoung Kim
2nd Honor Graduate     Esther L. Disuma

TCC South/FWISD Collegiate High School     
Valedictorian        Breanna T. Hernandez
Salutatorian           Leilani R. Martinez           

Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences 
Valedictorian        Nathaniel W. Scott
Salutatorian           Christian S. Crockem

Trimble Technical High School         
Valedictorian        Gisela Martinez
Salutatorian           Crystal G. Vega

Western Hills High School      
Valedictorian        Mariam Fatuma
Salutatorian           Elizabet M. Pantoja

World Languages Institute     
Valedictorian        Alexa Mercao
Salutatorian           Vanessa Varo

Young Men’s Leadership Academy
Valedictorian        Jared A. Saucedo
Salutatorian           Devin J. Stevenson

Young Women’s Leadership Academy    
Valedictorian        Alexandria Ordaz
Salutatorian           Christiauna Martin