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Fort Worth ISD Names 2023-24 District Teacher of the Year Finalists

Fort Worth ISD is proud to announce the ten finalists for the 2023-24 District Teacher of the Year awards! These incredible educators were nominated by their peers and selected as a finalist by a committee. 

The winners for elementary and secondary teacher of the year will be announced on May 16.

The elementary finalists are:

  • Lizeth Bukowski, De Zavala Elementary

  • Alondra Hernandez, Sam Rosen Elementary

  • Shannon Quinn, Overton Park Elementary

  • Todd Evers, Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center

  • Kimberely Bennett, Springdale Elementary 

The secondary finalists are:

  • Lisa McGlothlin, Success High School

  • Michael Hatch, Daggett Montessori

  • Ian Connally, Paschal High School

  • Elijah Ballesteros, O.D. Wyatt High School

  • Rayna Glassar, Dunbar High School

“Fort Worth ISD is honored to recognize these distinguished educators,” Superintendent Dr. Angélica Ramsey said. “A good teacher can change the life of a student, and we have great teachers in this district. Our students are incredibly lucky to have them, and we all benefit from the knowledge and expertise they bring to this district.”

Meet the Campus Teachers of the Year


Meet the Finalists

Lizeth Bukowski, De Zavala Elementary

Lizeth Bukowski teaches two-way dual language 3rd grade at De Zavala Elementary School. She focuses on more than just her grade; Bukowski helped support the entire campus community by implementing a new house system. 

Her principal, Marlette Martinez, said Bukowski’s creative and fun system helped build and unite school culture more than ever before.

“Mrs. Bukowski is always sharing resources and personally volunteering her own time for school community events. Mrs. Bukowski brings the entire school community together, always looks out for others, carries on a positive attitude, and motivates us to keep going,” Martinez said. “We are thankful and blessed to have her in our school!”

Alondra Hernandez, Sam Rosen Elementary

Anyone walking the halls at Sam Rosen Elementary School will see a beautifully decorated door and will be welcomed by dual language kindergarten teacher Alondra Hernandez. When students walk in, they will see print resources that help them learn in a fun, accessible way.

She is always going out of her way to be a team player and help others, Principal Alberto Herrera said, and she assists substitute teachers in her grade level to make sure kids always get the best education. She always has a positive attitude and shares resources, lesson plans, and ideas with her team.

Hernandez is an experienced educator, which makes her mentorship on the campus invaluable. She goes out of her way to ensure all teachers have what they need to be successful so students are successful. Aside from her classroom duties, Herrera shared that Hernandez is active in the Parent Teacher Organization as the secretary and takes the lead in organizing the history fair.

“When it comes to building relationships with students, Ms. Hernandez is exemplary,” Herrera said. “She strives to build relationships with her little ones and their families from day one and pushes them to become readers and writers.”

Shannon Quinn, Overton Park Elementary

When Shannon Quinn connects with her third grade English Language Arts Reading students at Overton Park, she does so with kindness and builds meaningful relationships as a result.

Not only is she an exceptional teacher who always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude, her principal, Sandy Haro, said that she is an excellent colleague and mentor to her fellow teachers.

“She makes a positive impact with everyone on campus and leads others in innovation and motivates others to achieve success,” Haro said. “She does what it takes to ensure each of her students reaches their full potential by maintaining high expectations.” 

Todd Evers, Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center

Todd Evers goes above and beyond for the students and staff at Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center. He teaches fourth grade Reading Language Arts and Social Studies while also leading professional development on campus and organizing the fall and spring clusters with community and parent partners.

Principal Elizabeth Kelz said Evers also helps develop and execute the parent program Bringing Carlson Home. 

“He is a relentless advocate for students. He meets and sets goals with each child, monitors progress, and adjusts to needs in real time. He develops leaders of their own learning in a nurturing and risk-taking environment,” Kelz said. “No child in Todd's class is unseen, unsupported, or not pushed with support to meet their highest potential.” 

Kimberely Bennett, Springdale Elementary

Kimberely Bennett brings positivity and energy not only to her fifth grade math and science classes at Springdale Elementary, but in everything she does as an amazing educator.

Principal LeAnn Moreno said Bennett loves her students and that love is returned. Her students grow and achieve at high levels. 

Outside of the classroom, Bennett helps families through the Family Fitness Fun program she started and hosts each Friday this spring semester. She is the lead math teacher and is quick to share her expertise by collaborating with other teachers.

Additionally, Bennett is a huge force for social emotional learning on campus and has an excellent rapport with the students.

Lisa McGlothlin, Success High School

At Success High School, Lisa McGlothlin wears many hats in addition to being a math teacher.

Principal Ingrid Williams said McGlothlin also is an excellent leader on campus and serves as the PLC lead. She also helps her fellow teachers as a technology resource.

McGlothlin is an active member of the campus leadership team, making sure both teachers and students are set up for success.

Michael Hatch, Daggett Montessori

At Daggett Montessori, Michael Hatch is developing young leaders. 

The seventh and eighth grade English Language Arts veteran teacher is well-respected by his colleagues, students, and families. He sponsors the student council and mentors students.

Principal Victorius Eugenio said Hatch is a highly-effective teacher whose students consistently perform at high academic levels.

Ian Connally, Paschal High School

At Paschal High School, the English department knows they can count on their colleague Ian Connally. Principal Troy Langston said he is the first person to help cover classes and support the department in any way he can.

And his own class is giving students an unforgettable experience.

“Mr. Connally is as sharp and knowledgeable as they come,” Langston said. “His linguistics class provides students with an opportunity to learn about ideas that go far beyond a typical high school English class.”

Connally is someone who builds meaningful relationships with students and families that have a lasting impact, Langston said. 

Elijah Ballesteros, O.D. Wyatt High School

When Elijah Ballesteros shows up to O.D. Wyatt High School to teach Biology every day, it’s as a true professional. 

Principal Armando Gallegos said Ballesteros relates extremely well to his peers, is frank and outgoing, and exhibits a can do attitude.

“His integrity is beyond reproach,” Gallegos said. “I consider Mr. Ballesteros to be one of those extraordinary employees who will always put forth a wholehearted effort with amazing results!”  

Rayna Glasser, Dunbar High School

When Dunbar High School was short two math teachers, Rayna Glasser didn’t hesitate to step up and lead the department.

That’s the kind of teacher she is, Principal Justin Edwards said, someone who is a teacher-leader with a positive attitude.

“She is forward-thinking, compassionate and a team player,” he said.