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Women's History Month: Highlighting YWLA Principal Albury

Principal Tamara Albury from Young Women's Leadership Academy was one of the many amazing women highlighted in Fort Worth Report's article in honor of Women's History Month. Below is the excerpt from "Leaping into the future. Meet the women shaping Fort Worth" featuring Ms. Albury:

How one principal is uplifting the next generation of ‘sisters of the plaid’

Tamara Albury studied sociology in college and didn’t anticipate going into education. She studied in Africa and Brazil, learning about women and oppression.

While abroad, she learned about the struggle some women have in accessing education, part of a journey that led her to take the reins at Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth ISD.

“Every day, I get to level the playing field for my students in my building,” Albury said. “They’re going to be marginalized in society. We give them the tools so that they’re able to take seats in the room that they traditionally have not been allowed to be a part of. But not only that, taking it a step further so they have seats at the table, but they’re also able to lead the table.”

Her philosophy is not just to teach her students academics, which can get them an interview, but Albury said it’s the soft skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, that get them jobs. 

If students at Young Women’s Leadership Academy want to start a club the campus doesn’t already have, they can find 10 people and a sponsor and present a proposal to Albury. The club proposals are a practical way to teach leadership and other soft skills.

The next generation of women cheers each other on, and they see the light in their sisters next to them, Albury said of her students. Young women from across the city attend her school, but they’re all united by the plaid skirt they put on every morning.

“They have fire and they’re ready to take on the world,” Albury said. 

— Kristen Barton, education reporter

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