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Women’s History Month Alumni Spotlight: Kristin Rodriguez

In celebration of Women’s History Month, FWISD is proud to highlight a distinguished alumni from Dunbar High School, Kristin Rodriguez. Kristin is an accomplished artist and designer who has made a significant impact in the field of architecture and film.

Kristin has collaborated on numerous architectural projects nation and world-wide from the Global Home of the PGA Tour to Shearman and Sterling in Singapore. Another artistic route that Kristin took was when she dove into the world of film and became a film editor for over a decade working with talented journalists, filmmakers, and even an Oscar nominated director to create documentary films and news journals.

 Kristin is back in the realm of architecture, and when she reflects on where her love for art and design originated, she credits her mother, a hairstylist who would take her to museums and theater productions as a child. The design aspect also came from her father, a Fort Worth fire fighter and self-taught carpenter who instilled in her the knowledge and skills of the design process and how things are built. She credits Dunbar High School for the skills she acquired during her time in the Science and Engineering Program, where she learned design and problem-solving skills that she uses today. Kristin studied environmental design and photography in Texas A&M’s School of Architecture before moving and feeling inspired by New York but reflects on her time at her alma mater:

“I am extremely thankful for the many educators in the FWISD and beyond who opened my mind to the possibilities and saw my potential, even when I did not see it in myself. To young girls interested in pursuing architecture or similar design fields, know that you will always be scrutinized along the way, so you need to work hard to master your skills, learn to be unflappable, and always have a thirst for knowledge.” -Kristin Rodriguez