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FWISD Launches Investor-Friendly Website Ahead of $150 Million Bond Sale

Published June 14, 2022 is Geared to Attract More Bond Investors

Fort Worth ISD today announced a new tool to help ensure transparency and attract more investors to the District’s upcoming $150 million bond sale. The new offering is, a free, investor relations website that provides a single location for accessing the data and documents that inform the credit features of the District’s financing programs. 

“Fort Worth ISD has always strived to ensure transparency surrounding its bond issuances,” said Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria, Chief Financial Officer. “Giving investors a tool that allows them to easily find and digest the information we disclose is a vital part of doing this.”

The website is powered by BondLink, a financial technology company that has also partnered with the City of Fort Worth, the City of Dallas, the City of Arlington, the Texas Water Development Board, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, and other large bond issuers.

“Developing a strong investor relations program is an important component of any successful bond financing, especially given the recent turbulence in the market.” said Colin MacNaught, co-founder and CEO of BondLink. “We look forward to partnering with Fort Worth ISD as they continue to be transparent in the market and grow their investor relations program.”

Fort Worth ISD plans to bring its next bond issuance to market in August. To stay on top of all debt-related events, documents, and news, including announcements about when Fort Worth ISD will be selling bonds, investors are encouraged to visit the new website and sign up for notifications. The site may also be reached at

Academic research shows that better, more accessible disclosure can lead to lower bond yields for municipal issuers and lower trading costs for investors.




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