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To All FWISD Employees: 

Sometime this morning some of our Fort Worth ISD systems were impacted by malware.  This includes the “My FWISD” portal used by students and teachers to access applications. 

It may take 1-2 days for some of our functions to be fully restored.  In the meantime, the following alternate website will provide a “work around” to access District shortcuts to minimize disruption to everyone’s work.  Using this shortcut, you will have links to the software you need and be required to sign in individually for each software.

Additionally, the server that supports our MUNIS system has been impacted, as well.  A solution to this is expected soon. 

We are working closely with our partners to address this situation as quickly and effectively as possible.  The good news is that e-mail, FOCUS, and other functions hosted by our third-party vendors are unaffected. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Fort Worth ISD Help Desk at 817-814-4357 for more information.

We will be updating this situation as events unfold. Thank you for your patience.