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Mrs. Bergman Builds Bridges!

Mrs. Bergman is the Burton Hill Elementary Teacher of the Year for 20-21! This annual honor is awarded by campus teaching staff. Mrs. Bergman is now eligible to apply for the District Teacher of the Year award.


She has been a FWISD teacher for ten years with the last three years spent at BHE. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Tarleton State University. Her hobbies and free time revolve around her family this year. Both of her children are at home due to virtual school/college and they are enjoying being a family of 4 again. Mrs. Bergman says that she has definitely cooked more in the past year than ever before and she also works really hard not to kill her family’s growing collection of plants.


Mrs. Bergman loves encouraging students in what THEY want to learn about. She said, “If I can build a bridge between what students care about and the required skill to teach, it becomes so much more than a lesson. That moment, that connection can ignite into something world changing.”


Sharing her classroom with our BHE Buffaloes is something loves to do. She said, “Every day I walk into my classroom ready to explore and see where it takes us.”


Congratulations Mrs. Bergman!