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Celebrating Cultures

Donnette Durham's 5th grade class celebrated the Chinese New Year with authentic food, crafts, and writing thanks to Annabeth Sheffield's mother and grandmother.  We appreciate bringing your culture into our classrooms.


We looked at the Chinese zodiac calendar and talked about how there are 12 zodiac signs, every year is a different sign and it rotates every 12 years. We talked about how Chinese New Year’s is on a different day every year and based on the year that the children were born, what their zodiac sign was. In 2008, Chinese New Year’s was on  Feb 7 So the children could figure out if they were a rat or a pig based on their birthdate. 


 They cut and pasted the Chinese character for their zodiac sign either rats or pig, they had a chance to write the Chinese character for their zodiac sign. 


 The red banner had Chinese characters in outline and the children divide it up and colored it in with black crayon 


 For snack, Annie’s grandmother cooked wontons and we heated up water for the children to have hot jasmine tea from a Chinese grocery store.  They also had a Chinese cracker that was from a Chinese grocery store 


 Finally, the children were able to see part of a Chinese newspaper and saw that Chinese read from right to left and top to bottom rather than left to right and side to side.