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We’re Looking for a Few Lead Content Teachers in Each Fort Worth ISD School (UPDATED with FAQ)

Chief Academic Officer Jerry Moore invites teachers to apply to become a Fort Worth ISD Lead Content Teacher. The position comes with a $3000 stipend.

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For more information and an application, follow this link.

If you have any questions, please call 817-814-2470.


Lead Content Teacher (LCT)

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas will LCTs support and how many positions are available?

LCT positions will support core subject areas and serve as an extension of content support provided through the district’s content area departments.  They will primarily lead work with teachers on their campus but will also serve the wider district as in support of the content department.

Available positions at a campus can be projected using the following general guidance:


  • Early Learning (PreK-1) = 1 per campus
  • Elementary Literacy (Grades 2-5) = 1 per campus
  • Elementary Math (PreK-5) = 1 per campus
  • Middle School Literacy = 1 per 6th Grade campus; 1 per 7-8 campus; or 1 per 6-8 campus
  • Middle School Math = 1 per 6th Grade campus; 1 per 7-8 campus; or 2 per 6-8 campus
  • High School = 1 Literacy, 1 Math, 1 Science, and 1 Social Studies



Who can apply to serve as an LCT?

The LCT position is open to certified educators currently designated as classroom teachers.  Applications from Instructional coaches, Data Analysts, and other non-teacher designated staff will not be considered. Content area directors are available to answer additional questions unique to their area



Does the LCT position require taking on responsibilities beyond daily classroom duties?

Yes. The LCT position is in addition to a teacher’s regular classroom duties.  An LCT will continue to teach their regular schedule of classes while adding leadership responsibilities aimed at supporting content area instruction.  See the LCT Overview document for a full list of responsibilities. 



How much time beyond a teacher’s regular duties will the LCT position require?

LCTs will be asked to attend a series of curriculum collaborations with their content area team between December and the end of the school year.  These sessions are up to 3 hours in length.  LCTs will be asked to redeliver the information at their campus following these meetings. 

LCT responsibilities also involve supporting the content area departments with initiatives to include delivery of 18 hours of district-wide professional learning.  Individual preparation and delivery times will be scheduled with content area directors.  All LCT responsibilities need to be fulfilled by June 2020.

See the LCT Overview document for a full list of responsibilities. 



Will LCTs be pulled during school hours to attend meetings or professional learning?

No.  LCT activities with content area directors will take place outside of the instructional day.  Some activities will happen during after-school hours while other activities might take place on Saturdays or during June when school is not in session.  See the LCT Overview document for a current calendar by content area/grade level.



If selected as LCT, does the stipend replace other teaching stipends?  (Ex. Secondary Math, Science, ESL/Bilingual stipends)

No. The LCT stipend is separate from other teaching stipend for which a teacher might qualify.  Contact the relevant content or program director with additional questions.



How will the $3000 stipend be paid?

The stipend will be paid in a lump sum after the LCT completes all requirements listed in the LCT Overview.  LCTs will be asked to submit documentation to their content director to initiate payment.



What happens if an LCT cannot complete required duties to earn the stipend?

To receive the $3000 stipend, LCTs must complete all requirements listed in the LCT Overview.   



How will the selection process work?  When will applicants be notified?


  1. LCT applications received by content area directors by November 8, 2019;
  2. Content area directors review applications and solicit feedback from principals;
  3. First round of selection notifications anticipated by November 15, 2019;
  4. It is anticipated that, in some cases, additional information from applicants may be necessary. Applicants will receive an email requesting information in these instances;
  5. All applicants receive email notification no later than November 22, 2019.


Content Area Contacts

Early Learning - Dr. Cheryl Mixon - 817-814-2450

Elementary Literacy - Cherron Ukpaka - 817-814-2520

Mathematics - Shannon Hernandez - 817-814-2540

Secondary Literacy - Michelle McCone - 817-814-2520

Science - Dr. Herman Jackson - 817-814-2600

Social Studies - Joseph Niedziela - 817-814-2470


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