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About Dr. Kitchens

Dr. Valerie M Kitchens is originally from Middletown, Ohio. She served 22 years in the U.S. Army. Dr. Kitchens’ served on all levels of leadership from small teams to General Staff level. One of her best assignments was in a unique Research and Development unit in New Jersey.

Dr. Kitchens’ served in five overseas assignments three in Germany, one in Hawaii, and one in Kuwait. She also was stationed in several stateside assignments twice in Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia. Additionally, she served in Combat and several expeditionary missions. 

Dr. Kitchens has visited over 35 states in America and over 20 countries over three continents.

Dr. Kitchens’ first love is to God, family, and helping others. She has one son (who is also a teacher and coach in FWISD at Northside HS), and one grandson. Dr. Kitchens’ loves travelling, any athletics sport, and many outdoor activities. 

Dr. Kitchens’ has taught JCC for eight years. She is a certificated K-12 Principal and a certified Physical Education teacher. She holds a Bachelor Degree, two Master Degrees and a Doctorate Degree. Dr. Kitchens is passionate about learning and loves to inspire others...