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FWISD Asks for Teacher and Principal Input for New School Year

The Fort Worth ISD is asking teachers and campus principals to provide their input on exactly what will help ensure a successful reopening of classes for the new school year.

Teachers will be asked a series of questions to collect their thoughts about Spring online learning and what they feel will improve the process going forward. They will be asked their personal assessments on how they feel about returning to teaching, if they are ready for in-class, virtual, or both types of instruction and what support they need to make the 2020-2021 a successful school year.

Principals will be asked much the same topics but in a series of open-ended questions that allow them to respond from a campus leadership perspective.

“We know our teachers and campus leaders are the front line for quality instruction,” said Jerry Moore, Chief Academic Officer. “By sharing their experiences with us we can learn what support they need from us to ensure a successful new school year.”

The surveys will be distributed over the next day or two in individual emails to both teachers and principals from Qualtrics.