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Fort Worth ISD Forward >> District Shares More Information About Virtual Instruction in the 2020-2021 School Year

Over the coming weeks, Fort Worth ISD will share more information as we continue to develop and fine-tune plans for the fall, including how virtual instruction will work.  Under the banner of Fort Worth ISD Forward, we will provide answers to the questions you are asking.

This fall will be significantly different than it was this spring when District educators put together a rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online instruction for the 2020-21 school year will be robust, organized, and a consistent experience for all students.

There are four areas that will be our guiding lights for delivering high-quality virtual instruction for students across the District.

A Culture of Building Virtual Student-Teacher Relationships

  • Teachers will have planned availability for students – including scheduled office hours.
  • Direct instruction will be delivered by teachers – students will be able to get teacher support when needed, and students will know how and when they can interact with their teachers.
  • Students will receive clear, understandable directions on a daily basis on how to use academic materials.
  • Students who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) will have their plan supported and followed, regardless of the learning environment. Students with disabilities will receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE.)
  • The academic work performed by a student who participates in virtual learning will equal the work that is performed by a student in a normal school year. The work will also match –or even exceed – the daily minimums of four hours a day.


Accessible Learning Materials

  • Fort Worth ISD has adopted a curriculum that can be used in a virtual classroom and is aligned with the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) standards.
  • These materials include resources and accommodations that support students with disabilities and English language learners
  • Students who are learning virtually are guaranteed access to the right instructional materials at the right time.

Student Engagement and Progress

Student engagement will be tracked daily to ensure students are progressing. Academic progress will be measured several ways:

  • Daily data
  • Teacher/student interactions
  • The completion and submission of assignments

Fort Worth ISD will measure the academic progress of all students. The data will be used to continuously improve instruction.

Instructors will give feedback to students at least every week. This check-in will tell students what steps to take or what academic remediation is needed to improve their performance.

Grading policies for remote work will be the same as those that were used for on-campus learning before COVID-19.


Continuous Teacher Training

Campuses will create professional development calendars with specific supports for educators that will:

  • Focus on remote instructional delivery
  • Include content-focused, job-embedded training linked to selected remote learning resources
  • Cover all grade levels and content areas that are part of remote learning
  • Develop content knowledge of the virtual classroom curriculum and help teachers analyze and respond to data through the use of the instructional materials

Parents will play an important role in the virtual learning experience of children. Fort Worth ISD will provide clear communication with families to help them support their child’s learning at home.