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Introducing the Glen Park 5th Grade Team!

The 5th grade teachers are very excited about this school year! From visiting Camp Carter to competing in the Battle of the Books to the emotional 5th grade promotion ceremony, this is going to be a year of milestones for your 5th grader! Please contact your teacher by clicking on their name if you have any questions throughout the year. 


Shelly Byrd


Hi! My name is Shelly Byrd. This is my 20th year at Glen Park. I graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with Bachelor's degree. Then I went back to UTA and earned my Master's degree in education. I look forward to meeting you and your child!

Rebecca Sayman


 My name is Rebecca Sayman and I have been at Glen Park for three years. I am passionate about teaching and working with kids. Before Glen Park, I worked in the Amazon jungle in Brazil as a missionary and teacher for four years. I love God, my family, teaching, learning and coffee.

Ronda Ritchey


This is my 2nd year to teach at Glen Park Elementary!

Rafael Alonso


I love to travel all kind of places. My favorite meal is fish and seafood. My hometown is Puebla near Mexico City.