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Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month.  During October, at Dolores Huerta Elementary, our goal is to raise awareness among our students, teachers, parents, and community about what dyslexia is and bring attention to the difficulties students with dyslexia face on a daily basis. 
Dyslexia Awareness
What is dyslexia?  Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability.  People with dyslexia often have difficulty with pronouncing words, oral language, reading, writing, and oral language.  Dyslexia is neurobiological, which means that dyslexics have difficulty with identifying the separate speech sounds within a word and/or learning how letters represent those sounds. 
What causes dyslexia?  The causes of dyslexia are not exactly known.  We do know dyslexia has shown to be genetic, which means that a parent, grandparent, and/or aunt/uncle may also have it.  Now, dyslexia is not a disease so, it cannot be cured.  However, if dyslexics receive evidence-based, multisensory structured literacy instruction they can become successful readers and lifelong learners. 
This year, at Dolores Huerta Elementary in an effort to integrate the Fort Worth Independent School District’s vision, mission, and values we have put on a Dyslexia Awareness QR Code Treasure Hunt.  The QR codes with questions attached to them have been hidden around the school for classes to find and answer.  The questions include a variety of topics such as spelling rules, syllable types, and other content our dyslexia students are learning.  We have also shared daily dyslexia facts during announcements and have provided teachers with a copy to post outside their classroom in an effort to communicate these facts with parents and visitors. 
It is our hope that through Dyslexia Awareness Month, we will be able to educate and inform our students, teachers, parents, and community about dyslexia.