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Join the Dolores Huerta PTA


 Join the PTA

Our school year is starting and Dolores Huerta PTA is here to support our students, their families, our teachers, and our school.
Together you can! We can learn to be flexible during these difficult times, we can take care of each other and we can overcome fear and misinformation to keep our community safe and prosperous.  This year, the Dolores Huerta PTA's focus will be on advocating for everyone in our community.
Click here to follow our Facebook page to stay informed on how we support our school and join our PTA.
Remember, everyone can join the PTA! You don't need to have a child in Dolores Huerta. We welcome all members of the community!
Our membership and contest campaign in the classroom will begin soon; stay tuned for more details.
In the meantime, you can join online through the following link: