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Eagles go to the Mavs game!



On Monday, March 18, 2019, four eagles were given the opportunity to attend the Dallas Mavericks game. The attendees included Ms. Bond, a Science Teacher and Coach, Thien Nguyen, 12th grade, Abraham Yanez-Luevano, 9th grade, and Hamidullah Safari, 11th grade, were the Eagles who attended.  They all had the time of their life at the game.  They experienced VIP parking under the American Airlines Center upon arriving at the game.  They enjoyed an all you can eat buffet prior to the game.  Then the fun started for them.  They went to their seats, which were located right next to the Mavericks bench.  They were able to take pictures of players, high-five players and talk with them.  They also got their pictures taken by the Mavericks official photographer.  Did I mention, they were all seen on television several times.  After the game was over, they went shopping in the gift shop with a 150 dollar gift card. They received these honors after being nominated by teachers and staff in the building.  They are examples of hard work and perseverance. All of this was made possible by an outside donor, who has graciously allowed us to send members of our community to this experience.  We appreciate their generosity.  We look forward to working with them in the future.



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