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UIL Academics 2019

On Saturday, March 2, our students joined approximately 10 other north Texas schools at the UIL Invitational B competition at Gainesville High School.  Check out the results below and please congratulate and praise these exceptional scholars for all their hard work.  Special thanks to Caroline Lee for organizing and coordinating.


Number Sense | Team: 2nd Place


    Francisco Ramirez - 6th place


Calculator Applications | Team: 2nd Place


    Francisco Ramirez - 1st place

    Vy Chu - 4th place


Mathematics | Team: 2nd Place


    Vy Chu - 4th place

    Francisco Ramirez: 5th place


Science | Team: 2nd Place



    Solomon Alvarez - 6th place



    Aryana Valles- 3rd place

    Betsy Lopez - 6th place


Headline Writing | Team: 1st Place


    Aryana Valles- 1st place

    Solomon Alvarez - 2nd place

    Betsy Lopez - 4th place (tie)

    Emilie Garcia- 4th place (tie)