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Required Training for New Timekeeping System

The New Employee Timekeeping System is Almost Here! We’re ready! Are you?

The new Fort Worth ISD Kronos Timekeeping System will go live on May 25, 2019. The District has been working for more than a year to upgrade the current Kronos system with enhanced functionality.  

Watch the video below to familiarize yourself with the new system:

What is changing starting May 25, 2019?

  • Supervisors will log into the Kronos system at least once a week to check alerts and resolve any issues with employees’ time and attendance information.
  • Weekly, all non-exempt staff will be required to go into the Kronos system by using their PC or mobile app to verify his/her time worked for the week.
  • At the end of each pay period, supervisors will resolve any final issues and approve all time for payroll processing.
  • All campus “exempt” employees working an extra assignment after their normal job duties are required to clock in and out of his/her extra duty assignment.
  • All retirees, regardless of exempt or non-exempt status, must clock in and out of their normal work assignment each day and clock in and out of any extra duty assignment, if applicable. 
  • Every employee can access their accrued leave balances by logging into Kronos, not Employee Self Serve (ESS).

Getting started                            

  • Every employee must complete training prior to May 24, 2019.  Please see the links below.
  • A FAQ will be developed to answer specific questions that may arise, which will be easily accessible for review.
  • A hot line will be provided to answer more immediate questions. 
  • Employees can email questions to

Training Opportunities

We have arranged for training opportunities that will allow everyone the chance to watch instructional videos through the SafeSchools portal. The weblinks below will direct you to training opportunities designed for your specific time reporting needs and duties. There you will find job aid videos and printable instructional documents that will help you navigate the new system.

Please click the appropriate employee group to access the SafeSchools materials:

Non-exempt employees, substitutes and exempt employees who work extra duty (actions to be taken at Kronos clocks)

Exempt employees (How to navigate Kronos and check accruals) 

Payroll secretaries

Payroll approvers/supervisors

This training is for everyone, especially since every Fort Worth ISD employee may now use the new system to perform various tasks such as: viewing and approving timecards, recording time for extra duty hours, viewing accrual balances, and or clocking in and out.  Remember, all training must be completed by May 24, 2019.

If you have any questions, please call the Payroll Department at 817-814-2180.