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The Future is Bright @ Jara

“The Future is Bright: A Week of Suicide Prevention” is a week of activities, conversation, and education with the purpose of reducing the stigma of mental illness and educating not only the students of FWISD, but all of Tarrant County about the warning signs of someone at risk of suicide. The suggested activities for our campus are below.

MONDAY 9/27- Wear GREEN to signify getting along with others. 

TUESDAY 9/28- Wear RED signifying kindness and empathy. 

WEDNESDAY 9/29- Wear purple to support living and loving life. 

THURSDAY 9/20- We are a team! Wear blue or a team attire to be a lifeline to others. 

FRIDAY 10/1- Wear NEON or Bright colors or college T-shirts to represent “The Future is Bright.”