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Change The Narrative At The Virtual 2020 Racial Equity Summit III

Register today and make plans to attend Fort Worth ISD’s virtual “Racial Equity Summit III—Changing the Narrative” this November.resiii

Sponsored by FWISD’s Division of Equity and Excellence, Racial Equity Summit III opens Saturday, November 7 via Zoom with virtual breakout sessions offered daily through November 13. The weeklong event is free and offers District students, staff, parents and community members thought-provoking discussions on race and equity.

Originally scheduled in spring 2020 before a sold-out audience, the summit was postponed because of building closures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The summit -- now virtual -- begins at 8:30 a.m. November 7 with a student panel discussing personal experiences on race. The opening session also features the Como Elementary Dance Team, the District Executive Leadership Team (DELT) participating in an Equity Walk highlighting why it engages in this practice and a Dance Challenge in which attendees will be invited to participate.

One-hour breakout sessions will take place twice each day, November 9-13 at noon and 6 p.m. Topics slated for the breakout sessions include:

  • The History of Race
  • Activating the Community
  • The Role of Power Structures in Systemic Racism
  • Intersectionality of Social and Racial Identity

Sherry Breed, FWISD Equity and Excellence chief, said this much-anticipated event that is now going virtual gives participants “a space to continue to deepen your knowledge about race and engage in conversation with thought partners about race and hear perspectives from many different Racial Equity Leaders.”

“In this time of much social unrest and inequities, we want to embrace the conversation about race and bring multiple perspectives together. It is our hope that the FWISD Community will become more informed and be moved to continue the conversation in their personal sphere of influence,” Mrs. Breed said. “Each of us must begin our racial equity journey by exploring our own biases. These biases may enter our work as it relates to expectations of all students and their academic success. Awareness of racial inequities is the first step in 'Changing the Narrative.'”

FLEX hour credits will be granted to educators participating in the summit after sessions are completed and participation reports are tabulated.

Register and find more Racial Equity Summit III details here.


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