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Sand Mandala Virtual Art Show

Welcome to our first Virtual Art Show of the year for the 1st 6 Weeks of school! There are a variety of projects on display, all with the main focus of the Elements of Art - Line, Shape, and Color. 1st grade learned that a line is just a dot that took a walk and created all types of lines and practiced their watercolor and wax resist skills before having fun making dot art. 2nd and 3rd grades created landscapes and practiced their liquid glue skills to trace their lines and sprinkle with colorful sand before painting. 4th and 5th grade took their art skills to the next level when they learned all about Mandalas and created their own design with colorful sand and liquid watercolors to top it off. Can't wait to share more as the year goes on!

Mrs. Navas
L.A.M.B. Art Teacher