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INOK Anti-bullying Week

In an effort to support and celebrate the Fort Worth Independent School District’s “It’s Not Okay” initiative, we will have the following activities during National Anti-Bullying Week on the dates indicated below. Please allow and encourage your students to participate.




What to Wear

Monday, Nov. 12th

Bullying is TACKY, so let’s dress for the red carpet!

Dress up in business or church attire

Tuesday, Nov. 13th

I’m too bright to be a bully!

Dress in bright or neon colored attire

Wednesday, Nov. 14th

Peace out to Bullying

Wear tie dye or peace signs

Thursday, Nov. 15th

Lei off bullying!

Wear Hawaiian leis or attire

Friday, Nov. 16th

Let’s battle bullying!

Wear Superhero capes or attire