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Dallas 2019 Dreamhack and AHHS EA Sport

The Arlington Heights Super Smash Bros team have been invited to play at DreamHack in Dallas on May 31st, at DreamHack’s first event in the metroplex! We will be playing on the main stage, streaming all over the world, at around 3pm.


DreamHack is the world’s largest international digital festival hosting esports tournaments all over the world. During this event, there will be tournaments for high school students, as well as several professional teams competing for thousands of dollars in prize money. In addition to the tournaments, there will also be all sorts of exhibitions.


Students will have opportunities to engage with esports professionals, universities, sponsors, and other gamers from across the nation. They will also be able to see several tournaments first-hand; it is a remarkable sight! Anyone is welcome to attend as a fan. Get your festival pass at and cheer on our team!

Warmest regards,

Nicholas Clark, M.Ed. | Arlington Heights High School

Language Center and Mathematics

Executive Director of Esports