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AHHS Student Council Thanks ALL who Attended Trunk or Treat

AHHS Student Council we would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the organizations  and students that made Trunk or Treat possible, without each one of you this could not be a reality. Also to all of the Heights Families that came out to enjoy the experience, we hope that you had a great time. 

There is something special about a vision that your students have three weeks ago, and with a lot of preperation we were able to make this a reality. We were able to put on one one of the best Haunted Houses I could have ever imagined. I was so proud of the kiddos as they were able to put on an amazing haunt and have people enjoy this experience. ( special Thanks to Mr. Arnold, Mrs Harrington and Mrs Teer for coming by for the haunt after school, it meant so much to the kiddos) 

Thank you once again to everyone who was able to make it out last night. 

Jeremy Lopez

Student Council Sponsor