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Mrs. Teer: Important Message on Attendance and Grades

  1. It is extremely important that students arrive to class on time. Students will be assigned lunch detention for excessive tardiness. Failure to attend lunch detention will result in a secondary consequence that could range from after school detention to in school suspension. Please talk to your students about the importance of being in all class, every day, on time.
  2. Please make sure your student has their School ID with them every day. Students are required to have them visible. This is for the safety of our campus. Any student who does not have their school issued ID will receive a temporary ID. On the third temporary ID, a student will be issued lunch detention. If your student has lost their ID, they may get a new ID by paying $3 to our financial secretary. 
  3. As we are close to the end of the first semester, please review your student’s grades and attendance. In order to receive credit for each course, students must have a minimum average of a 70 and be present in the class 90% of the time.