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NHM Sustainability Pilot and Don’t mess with Texas® Art Contest

Last week you received some information about a Sustainability Pilot Program that is starting at NHM. Researchers from TCU's Department of Nutritional Sciences are collecting surveys related to sustainability from children and from parents and guardians. The kids will complete the surveys this Friday, February 15th if their parents have provided their permission to participate.

To provide permission for your child or children to complete the surveys in this study, please complete the online permission at or return the paper permission form to the administrative office at NHM. Please complete the online form or return the paper form by Wednesday, February 13th.

We ask that parents and guardians also take part in the research by completing an online survey at We ask that you please take the 10-15 minute survey once at the beginning of the semester and again at the end of the semester. Please complete the first survey in the link above by Monday, February 18th. More than one parent or guardian per household may complete the survey at the beginning and the end.

Thank you for your support of the Sustainability Pilot Program and for taking part in the related research.