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Information for enrolling in after school clubs

Dear Parents/Guardians:


We are starting with the enrollment in the after-school clubs. If you want your student to attend any club, you have to register him/her through the 6crickets website ( There are some fees associated to certain clubs. The fees for these clubs will cover certain expenses like materials, T-shirts, or field trips.

Here are some useful steps that you can follow to register your student in the after-school clubs.

  1. Go to website
  2. In the top left side of the page choose the Parents tab
  3. Select North Hi Mount in the “After-school programs at your school” field and click “Register”
  4. You will be transfer to the Clubs list that North Hi Mount is providing. Some clubs have 2 sessions. Please, register to the session that your student is REALLY planning to assist.
  5. If you need any information about a club, click in the image or in the sessions tab and a new window will be displayed with all the club-related information (description, price, hours, etc).
  6. In the session tab you can add the club to your cart
  7. A new window will be displayed to enter the information about your student(s). In this window you can enroll several students in the same club in the case that you are planning that you have more than 1 kid assisting to the same club
  8. Close the window if you want to continue enrolling your student(s) to another club.
  9. You can check your clubs in your cart at anytime
  10. In order to checkout and pay for your sessions, you need first to create an account using an e-mail address and creating a password
  11. A temporary password will be sent to your email
  12. When you are in your account, it will displayed the clubs that you selected
  13. There are a series of tabs in the left panel. Each one has to be completed. Make sure that you save the information in every tab
  14. You will need a credit/debit card in order to pay for your selected clubs

If you have any questions, contact Pilar Schetz at