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Oaklawn's Teacher of the Year

Oaklawn 2019 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Long.

   One of the best things about Oaklawn Elementary is our students and families. Our supportive families and their continued involvement in our school and surrounding community has helped to develop strong bonds with our campus teachers and faculty. I have also developed strong friendships with the many wonderful teachers in our school.

   I was inspired to be a teacher by my former teachers in a small town in Oklahoma where my teachers were also family friends. My great teachers helped to inspire me to become a teacher. From the time that I could talk, I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher.

   I am married and have a son, Wyatt, who is getting ready to go to college. I received my degree from Park University. Since my husband is former military, I’ve lived in eight states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Texas.

   My favorite book is Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. My favorite movie would be the Wizard of Oz, which I first watched with my parents when I was six and most recently with my son.

Oaklawn feels like home to me and I’m honored to be teacher of the year.