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October Board meeting recap

Published October 26, 2023

Employee Assistance Program

The school board approved continuing the Employee Assistance Program at Tuesday night’s meeting. The district will keep the program that provides free, confidential help with life problems including

  • Marital/relationship issues

  • Psychological/emotional issues 

  • Family problems

  • Legal or financial concerns

  • Stress

  • Job performance issues

  • Drug or alcohol related problems

  • Consultation on EAP options

The program was first established to help the district be a drug-free workplace and helped employees with drug and alcohol issues. The EAP has since expanded. 

With the renewal, the contract extended to Aug. 1, 2024.

Teacher Incentive Allotment

FWISD will likely recommend approximately 500 teachers for designations under the Teacher Incentive Allotment, an increase from 267 last school year.

Under HB 3, passed in 2019, the state financially rewards top-performing teachers and designates them under three levels: Recognized, Exemplary and Master. 

On Tuesday, trustees approved the fees necessary to pay for the data collection TEA conducts to review possible designations. 

Class waiver

Trustees approved FWISD applying for class size waivers for Pre-K classrooms at several elementary schools in the district.

State law requires districts to review their class sizes at the beginning of each school year to determine if any classes in grades pre-K through fourth exceed the allowable class size of 22 students per class.

Administration reallocated staff earlier in the year to meet the student to teacher ratio as much as possible, but there are still some classes that exceed the class size limits in pre-K. 

HR agreement

FWISD will conduct a pay systems review to ensure the district remains competitive in the hiring market.

Trustees approved allowing the Texas Association of School Boards to facilitate a compensation analysis to make sure the district compensates employees fairly, equitably, and aligned with the market. Conducting these surveys help FWISD retain top-performing employees, especially when labor is in high demand.

Unified enrollment

The district will move to a unified enrollment system after trustees approved the item on Tuesday. 

Typically, families have to use different systems to apply for Gold Seal Choice programs, transfer students, pre-K, dual language, graduation alliance, summer school, and general registration. Now, the district will consolidate it all into one enrollment system for families to navigate. 

In approving this system, the district will increase its efficiency and transparency in enrollment with one portal that will allow families to access various educational opportunities in FWISD.

View a recording of the entire September 26 regular Board meeting on the  Fort Worth ISD LIVE YouTube channel or On Demand the day after the meeting here.