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Safety Tips Regarding Your Surroundings

Fort Worth, Texas - The Fort Worth ISD Safety and Security Department, in conjunction with Fort Worth Police are advising that our students, parents and employees be aware that there has been an increase in reports of armed robberies and thefts involving cellphones.

Some of these incidents have happened very close to campuses or near bus stops. There are no reports of any armed incidents on a Fort Worth ISD campus.

It is unfortunate that some of our older students have taken advantage of lunch times to exit school property when they are not authorized to do so. Some of those students have been victims of these crimes when they are off campus.

The Fort Worth Police Department advises that anyone can minimize the chances of becoming a victim by not leaving campus alone (if you are even authorized to leave campus at all), not going to secluded areas, and being observant and aware of your surroundings. 

You should also take several preventive steps by knowing pertinent information about your specific cellphone.

  • You should keep the IMEI number in a safe place other than your phone. The IMEI is a unique 15 digit code that can be accessed by entering *#06# on your phone call screen (both iPhone and Android).
  • You can use a tracking app such as Find iPhone that can help police locate your phone. You are advised to not try to locate your phone and then recover it yourself.

Lastly, should you have the unfortunate experience of becoming a theft or robbery victim, find a way to call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

Because some of these incidents have occurred close to District property, FWISD Safety and Security is reviewing campus access and egress, re-emphasizing that all students and employees wear their ID badges, and ensuring that all visitors are properly credentialed through the front office of each school.

During the Winter Break, some Fort Worth ISD campuses will continue to have events such as athletic contests. For that reason the entire FWISD family is asked that if you see something that looks suspicious, or out of place, take the time to say something. 


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