The Jo Kelly Staff and Families wish to kick off the New Year by reflecting on those companies, organizations, and groups that pitch in to make a difference on our campus.





   Jo Kelly School Volunteers  

Jo Kelly is lucky to have the BEST volunteers in Fort Worth! Our volunteers help with field trips, help find services for our students and families, and help run the different activities that we have throughout the school year.  We have volunteers from our Adopt-A-School partner, Arlington Heights United Methodist Church, retired staff members, community members, as well as family members. We would like to make an special shout out to Mr. Hardin. Mr. Hardin has taken it upon himself to maintain the beauty and integrity of the  The Alison Hardin Playground and Eli Bradford Garden of Angels . Thank You Mr. Hardin! 



Virginia and her therapy dogs have been coming to Jo Kelly School every month since 1988. In the last few years these visits have been with Saydee, Ladee, Izzee and Maggee. In November it was Abbee’s turn to visit! Click the link above to learn more and see the students interact with Abbee! 


  Arlington Heights United Methodist Church  

AHUMC has been supporting Jo Kelly students for decades! Among other things the church  surprises staff members with treats at various times throughout the year while other members sew lap quilts and other needed items for students. We always know they are there for us if we need them! One of the highlights of our school year is when Mr. Frank Shroyer and the Bell Choir perform for the entire Jo Kelly staff and student body.  Click the link above to see The Bell Choir in action in the Jo Kelly Gym!  


  Be An Angel / TXU Energy  

Fort Worth's first barrier-free playground was dedicated at Jo Kelly School on Friday November 16th 2012. “This barrier-free playground would not have become a reality without the leadership and assistance that TXU Energy provided,” Executive Director Marti Boone of ‘Be An Angel’ said. “Their ongoing support for special needs children supports the mission of Be An Angel by improving the quality of life for these special angels!” 

Be An Angel and TXU Energy did not stop there! These organizations are instrumental in helping all of the students at Jo Kelly celebrate the holiday season with music, fellowship and gifts. Click the link above to see our guests, our students, AND Maggie The Reindeer Dog! 


  Union Pacific Railroad  

Union Pacific Railroad employees and their families have been coming to Jo Kelly School to sing Christmas carols to our students and staff for decades! This wonderful group of people go from class to class singing and spreading joy! We call them 'The Railroad Santas' and you will see why when you click the above link!  


  Crestwood Neighborhood  

Jo Kelly School is nestled in the great community of Crestwood. With tree lined streets and friendly neighbors it is a great place to be. Click the link to learn more about Crestwood. 


  Scout Day  

In the month of May each year, Jo Kelly School has Scout Day. Mr. Herschell, with the help of some of the people from Arlington Heights United Methodist Church transform our building into an activity based Scout Extravaganza! The activities are age appropriate, hand over hand activities that fall right in with the goals many of our students have. Thank You Herschell for this fun and educational activity for our students.   


  Kiwanis Club of West Fort Worth 

The Kiwanis Club of West Fort Worth does amazing work for our community. They sponsor youth organizations throughout the city and  provide annual scholarships on a continuing basis.  Among the very many projects they have going on they NEVER forget about Jo Kelly School! 

The very last day of the school year when the students have already started their summer vacations, we leave our classroom cleaning duties behind for the lunch hour and walk into an amazing luncheon. The Kiwanis Club of West Fort Worth hosts a luncheon for The Jo Kelly Staff! This is also the celebration of the Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the year. They present all of us with gifts and we join together for a delicous lunch! By clicking the link above you can read their amazing mission statement. 




The Jo Kelly staff are often thanked for what we do. We love what we do! The students at Jo Kelly give back so much. They live, laugh, learn and love to the very fullest. This school has an atmosphere of joy as students work hard to make progress with their goals. We all celebrate their victories! It is a comfort to know that we also have solid, sincere community backing.



 ♥        We Thank You all, sincerely from the bottom of our hearts!       ♥  

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