What projects have not been completed from the 2013 capital improvement program (CIP)?

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All 2013 CIP projects will be completed by the end of summer of 2018 or sooner.

We monitored and adjusted projects as work begins, and often must react to site constraints as we discover them.

We have four major construction projects that will go into 2018. They are:

  • Arlington Heights High School (new construction of kitchen cafeteria, classroom renovation.)  This is brand new.  We were partnering with the city to resolve parking issues before construction could begin.
  • Poly High School (12-classroom addition) The scope of work was changed from kitchen cafeteria to change to much-needed 12 classroom addition and approved by the Board after uncovering construction difficulties regarding the topography of the site.
  • Terrell VPA Stem Academy (including a 900-seat performance hall.) We responded to the delayed timeline of relocating families from Butler Housing. This allowed children to complete their academic year at the existing I.M. Terrell Elementary.  These same children now attended the brand-new Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary. Additionally, Dr. Scribner took advantage of the delay to ensure the development a rigorous and robust core college preparatory curriculum of the new VPA/STEM Academy.
  • Morningside Middle School (new kitchen, expanded cafeteria seating) – This location presented a challenge in site constraints and required more funding. To address the site constraints, more dollars were required. We determined there was enough money in the contingency funds to provide the children with what they needed.

We’ve used 87% and remaining 13% will be spent by the end of summer 2018.

The last five kitchen cafeteria projects were the last in the sequence. We have sufficient funds.