How does a Penny Swap result in more state funding?

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The State guarantees every school district the same amount of revenue that Austin ISD raises with a penny of M&O Tax Rate up to $1.06. By not accessing the additional M&O pennies, the District is not receiving and not benefiting from available state funding.

The state also guarantees a specific amount of funding per student for each cent of tax effort for both M&O and Debt Service pennies.  By moving the 2-cents from Debt Service to M&O, we are able to benefit from the higher amount of funding per student the state provides.  Currently, the Debt Service pennies are worth $35 per student (.29 per $100 valuation), while the M&O pennies are worth $99.41 per student ($1.06 per $100 valuation).  So, by moving two pennies from the Debt Service Fund to the  Maintenance & Operations Fund the District will keep the overall total tax rate (M&O + Debt Service) the same but will yield much more money for the District’s maintenance and operations.