Student Council By Laws, Membership, etc.



The purpose of the general student council shall be:


1.    To support special projects to enhance and improve the school and local community.


2. To enable students to discuss general student concerns or problems within the school to the school administration.


3. To permit students to exercise responsible decision-making within the limits of a grant-of- power included in the student council


4. To promote school spirit and effective student/faculty/administration/board relationships.

5. To promote citizenship training by providing direct experiences for students in the processes of democracy.

The school staff and/or adult sponsor shall assist students in drafting and maintaining a constitution, by laws and following the regulations for a general student council with approval of school principal.

Article I Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide students of S.S Dillow Elementary School with an opportunity to become involved in school and community activities. The Student Council’s main purpose is to promote initiative, enthusiasm, pride and cooperation among the students through their participation and involvement in student government and policies affecting the student body.

Article II Membership

 A.      Membership will consist of students from “S.S Dillow Elementary School.” B.      There shall be representatives from each of the following grades: 3rd through 4th grade. 

Aiticle III Responsibilities

A.      Attend meetings

B.      Participate in events during the school year

C.      Maintain a passing grade

D.      Demonstrate appropriate behavior during the school day and at the events

 Failure to fulfill the requirements/responsibilities will result in a 1st warning in the form of a written notification, if a 2nd warning is given then the student will be removed from the student council. If a student council member is given a discipline referral for any reason, they will be removed from the program immediately.