Why should one donate to WAC or the Tanglewood Auction if their children are going to a new school?

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Money raised by WAC and the auction are for maintaining and enhancing Tanglewood this year and next year.  Much of the money raised is essential to continue existing programs (i.e. technology lab assistant, consumable instructional support materials, and events).  PTA will have to determine if/when money is allocated to the new school and how much is to be shared.  There are some PTA policies that govern these decisions that will be followed.  This is a moot issue if WAC and the auction do not raise necessary funds.  PLEASE DONATE!   We are in the process of doing a fiscal analysis of funds needed for maintenance of existing programs and needs this year and next year.  All of the children are Tanglewood Tigers at least through next year.  Please do not sacrifice our children for the next two years by withholding donations.