FWISD Videos for Online Learning

Fort Worth ISD has produced a series of videos for parents and students to view now, before school starts on September 8!

These three short videos provide practical steps for preparing for Fort Worth Forward online learning. There is also a longer, more comprehensive video produced by Educational Technology that covers almost every topic for parents.


They can all be found by going to www.fwisd.org/families and clicking the Online icon. Or you may use the individual links provided below.


1. How to Prepare for Online Learning/Step One: Create Your Space 

Spanish - Aprendizaje Virtual Paso Uno: Crear Tu Espacio


2. How to Prepare for Online Learning/Step Two: Your Digital Checklist 

Spanish - Aprendizaje Virtual Paso Dos: Tu Lista Digital


3. How to Prepare for Online Learning/Step Three: Tips for Parents

Spanish - Aprendizaje Virtual Paso 3: Consejos Para Padres


Parents will also find it helpful to watch a longer version video that covers these same topics in more detail.