February 9th meet

February 9, 2019 Meet
This past weekend the Girls and Boys went to Castleberry to compete.  It was an exciting event where everyone got a PR in everything the lifted.  I am unbelievably proud of these students as they put in the work and show how much they love competing.  As a team we took 3rd out of 13 teams (both on the Boys and Girls side).

Highlights of the meet: Isaiah Russ placed 3rd in the 114 Weight Class with a 555 Total, Andres placed 3rd with a 1130 Total, Both Seth Hogan and Jacorie both medaled for the first time with Seth getting a personal best Squat 265 and Jacorie Squatting 405.  Nate Caballero placed first with a 1445 Total.  The boys will be going to their last meet at South Hills on the 14th before some of them get to head to Regionals.

On the girls side Alexus Acevedo placed 2nd with a personal best 600 total and Catti Rock took 1st place in her weight class with a 1050 total and took 1st place in the meet overall.  Both girls have qualified for Regionals and will be headed to Gainesville on February 26th to compete.  Catti has a chance to break THREE regional records on her first lift  (proud dad moment).



114 Isaiah Russ Squat 195 Bench 115 Deadlift 245 Total 555 3rd place
181 Shpend Beqiri Squat 325 Bench 275 Deadlift 325 Total 925
181 Romello Fowlin Squat 335 Bench 195 Deadlift 375 Total 900
198 Andres Galaviz Squat 435 Bench 265 Deadlift 430 Total 1130 3rd Place
242 Seth Hogan Squat 265 Bench 135 Deadlift 275 TOTAL 675 5th Place
275 Jonathan Banks Squat 465 Bench 305 Deadlift 475 Total 1245 4th Place
275 Noah Sanchez Squat 315 Bench 205 Deadlift 375 Total 895
SHW Nate Caballero Squat 575 Bench 345 Deadlift 525 TOTAL 1445 1st Place
SHW Jacorie Williams Squat 405 Bench 185 Deadlift 375 TOTAL 965 5th Place

198 Catti Rock Squat 410 Bench 225 Deadlift 415 TOTAL 1050 1st Place
259 Alexus Acevedo Squat 235 Bench 85 Deadlift 280 Total 600 2nd Place