After School Program: Volcanoes

Posted by GCC Cougars on 2/26/2019

When most people hear about an experiment about volcanoes, they tend to think about a clay sculptured mountain with red food coloring mixtures oozing out of the top. Well, here at George C. Clarke After School we are here to prove that you can do an experiment about volcanoes using fruit. Yes, that is right, fruit! 
   We raided the refrigerator and found an orange, a lemon, and a lime. We then gathered a few ingredient combinations from dish soap to vinegar to see what would set off a chemical reaction similar to that of a volcano eruption.   We came up with several hypothesis and tested our theories. We had some failures which led to more predictions and several successes.  The look of amazement on our faces proves how much fun we had preforming this experiment. A big THANK YOU to our TCU Dream Outside the Box volunteers that came out to lead this class.
Stephanie Davila


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