Cougar Talks

Posted by Brenda Fouse on 8/18/2020

Type 1 (without teacher directly:

  • Provides students with teacher assigned lessons, tasks or assignments for students to work on at their own pace. 
  • All assignments, content, files and discussions are available on digital platforms accessible on a mobile device, laptop or desktop computer; 
  • Does not require all participants to be virtually present at the same time but does require daily engagement by the student; 
  • All pre-assigned work and resources are available to students through SeeSaw (PK) or Google Classroom (K-12); 
  • Participants are not required to be virtually present at the same time, but daily engagement by students is required; 
  • Pre-recorded videos are the primary delivery method of direct instruction from the teacher; 


Type 2 (directly with teacher):

  • Provides live, real time teaching with two-way teacher/student interaction.
  • Supports Type 1 lessons by providing lesson guidance, supplemental instruction, and/or enrichment. 
  • Examples include guided practice, intervention, small group support, differentiated practice, specific feedback on assignments, progress checks, lesson closure, and additional social emotional learning; 
  • Teachers will provide live instruction, support, and guidance at scheduled, predictable, and posted “office hours”; 
  • Requires student engagement at specific, scheduled times via video conference.


  •  Participating in instruction for a minimum of 4 hours daily
  • Students will be required to demonstrate engagement and progress daily.
  • Progress will be measured through trackable student engagement in:
    • the virtual learning system (PK- Seesaw; K-12 – Google Classroom),
    • student - teacher interactions by video conference or phone, 
    • and submission of daily assignments.



  • To be counted “Present” a student must demonstrate daily engagement in assignments. 
  • Attendance for virtual instruction will be taken daily by the classroom teacher. 
  • Students will be counted present on days in which they engage in one of these three methods. 
    • 1. Students engage in online learning and demonstrate progress with lessons, assignments, and teacher instruction. 
    • 2. Students directly interact with their classroom teacher and teacher confirms student engagement for a particular day. Student/teacher interaction can be through multiple methods including telephone or digital means. 
    • 3. Students submit an assignment through the learning management system on a particular day.


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