Sunrise School Library Expectations

Guidelines for Success

in the Library Media Center

 Keep voices at a level 1!

  1. Show respect to everyone, including Chromebook computers, and library books.
  1. Keep your voice low when talking in the library.
  2. Bring your library books to school each day.


Library Procedures

•   Enter the library quietly 

•   Go to your assigned seats or find your place on the carpet.

•   Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.

•   Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

•   Bring only your library book(s) and/or Chromebook. Please do NOT bring toys and trinkets to the LMC.  

•  Take a bathroom break BEFORE coming to the library.
***In addition, all school rules apply in regards to proper behavior.

kids reading

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready!

CHECK-IN Procedures

As you enter the LMC, return books to the "Library Book Return" bin or set books to be renewed on the circulation desk. 
Students may renew books for a maximum of 6 weeks.

CHECK-OUT Procedures

PK-1st grade students may check out ONE book each week during their Library Media time. Students MUST bring back the books within 7 days or students can renew books.

2nd through 5th grade may check out up to two books each week.  Students MUST bring back the borrowed books within 7 days.  Exceptions are provided for research projects per teacher request.

 –    Students may recheck (up to 4 additional weeks) a book, if the book has not been reserved for another student or teacher.

Reference materials are not available for check-out and must be used within the confines of the library media center.

Overdue Materials
Students who have overdue materials may not check out other materials until the overdue materials are returned. There are no exceptions to this policy.  Books not returned after 8 weeks will be considered lost and will be charged for the FULL replacement cost of the lost item.

Lost, Damaged, Overdue Books

  • Lost Books­ - All lost books must be paid for in FULL. 
  • Damaged books­ - A fine for half or up to the full cost of the replacement may be incurred.
  • When a student is charged for a lost or damaged book, the student may not check out any materials until the charges are cleared from their account.