UIL One-Act Play Updates

Posted by Mr. Mata on 3/20/2024

Our show Digging up the Boys will be advancing to the next round of the One-Act Play. We came back with a few individual awards and two overall awards. 

Two Overall Awards
•Plaque and medals for advancing
•Over-All Tech Crew:
Karma Henley, Alexander Richmond, Rebecca Richardson, Domo Salazar, Jay Hamilton, Dominic Franks, Cruz Perez, and Ella Chamberlain
This meant they were professional and knew what to do at all times, with other adults in the booth and backstage.

Individual Awards
Acting: Iggy Singleton and Izzy Carroll
Costumes: Ella Chamberlain 

•Thank you to those of you that came to see the shows at Terrell ! It was so fun to see you there!
•Thank you to Cougar Corner for the food. None was left.
•Thank you to Admin and Leslie for all the paper work it takes to get us here!!
•Thank you to my Fellow Fine Arts Directors and Athletic Coaches. I know having flexibility with limited time between all we do with our kids is often overlooked, but I truly appreciate having a team that is understanding 🖤. 

If you see any of the kids that make my program what it is, please acknowledge the hours of work that they put into a play for 10 weeks on average. Again, thank you so much. It takes a village 🖤.