Achievements, picture, and a big thank you

Posted by Mr. Mata on 4/15/2024

I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful UIL season. Showing up to other schools during the competition, here this past weekend among all the family and friends - is very much appreciated!  Thank you to my chaperones and Cougar Foundation for supporting transportation and food! 

To keep you all in the loop, this show has done a lot that recognizes the hard work the cast and crew put into their craft ! We even got acknowledged for advancing by the Playwright Laura Lundgren Smith...Which is super cool! 

District Level:
Acting Awards: Iggy Singleton, Izzy Carroll
Tech Award - Ella Chamberlain (Costumes) 
Best Tech Award- Jay Hamilton, Domo Salazar, Rebecca Richardson, Karma Henley, Alexander Richmond, Crus Perez, Ella Chamberlain
Advancement Plaque - Whole Cast and Crew 

Bi- District:
Acting Awards: Xavier Richmond, Ella Coffman 
Tech Award: Dominic Franks (Sound) 

With Advancement and the two plays in the fall the following Awards were also acknowledged: 
Patches: Iggy, Xavier, Izzy, Brianna, Karma, Ella Coffman, Jack Magness
Letterman Jackets: Ella Chamberlain, Rebecca, Cruz, Dominic, Harley, A’Leena, Alexander ,Dominic Franks

Lastly, the following seniors will be closing the curtain on their journey with Theatre here at Western Hills High…from the First Play Everyman to Now, they have shown so much growth and all fell into the roles that were needed, some in a short amount of time. Congratulations on graduating. I hope you all remain Artists in some way. It has been a pleasure! 

Ignatius Singleton- 4 Years
Isabella Carroll- 4 years
Xavier Richmond - 4 Years
Ella Coffman - 3 Years
Ella Chamberlain - 3 Years
Rebecca Richardson - 4 Years
Ezekiel Daniels - 2 Years
Jack Magness - 2 Years
Jewlyet Greear - 4 Years
Brianna Oliver – 2 Years
Karma Henley – 1 Year