Posted by Coach Foster on 12/4/2023

This past weekend our Cougar Wrestlers went to the top tournament in the area. They competed against multiple State/Regional qualifiers from last season.  Since the competition was so high, each wrestler had to step up their level of grit on the mat. 

Our kids stepped up their confidence! We had some truly talented wrestlers, who were being complimented by referees, other coaches, and parents who attended the tournament. People see inner city kids at a wrestling tournament, and they assume their wrestling won't come with skill. This weekend, the Cougars put themselves in the District seeding conversation. 

Tavares Hamilton, Raziel Gutierrez, and Tyler Willis are now on the radar. They showed skill, strength, and class on the mat this week. All three of these wrestlers beat one or two regional qualifiers from the 2022 season. I'm excited to watch them lead our team this year and build up kids for next season. 

We have set up a recruiting corner in my classroom. What's in the corner??? There is info on every division 1, division 2, division 3, HBCU, and NAIA school with wrestling in the recruiting corner. I have challenged them to look through these schools, apply for admission, and contact coaches via setting up an X-page.