Saint Mark's School of Dallas

Posted by Coach Foster on 12/16/2023

There is a lesson inside the furnace:

This weekend we traveled to St. Marks school of Dallas to participate in one of the hardest tournaments of the season. There were 32 schools in attendance. We had a long talk about entering stat booster tournaments vs furnace tournaments. I told them about the lesson of the hammer and the nail. Some tournaments you will be the hammer and some you're the nail. In every match, you will win or learn. You never lose if you learned in the last match. 

We had some wins, but we also had plenty of learning lessons. I'm proud of them because they knew the lessons only came with a furnace competition. They didn't back down from it. Hats off to those who competed. The road to state starts here!

Day 2 Qualifiers
Hamilton - Top 6
Tristen Willis - Top 6
Alexis Yakobo - Top 6